For two-and-a-half years, I had a column in PHP|Architect magazine called “Leveling Up”. It was dedicated to helping PHP developers learn more about the language, programming, computers, avoiding burn-out, etc. From January 2015 until June of 2017 I wrote this column and I’m planning on re-publishing them here. I managed to get the first 6 on, but by putting them here, I’ve got even more control over how they show up and work.

Technically I’ve written 31 articles for the magazine since I wrote my first for them quite a bit before I ended up writing the column. I’m not sure I still even have the source for that one. If I could, I’d just drop all the articles in here and be done, as they are all originally written in markdown list this post is. However, the markdown they are written in and where the images are, don’t seem to quite work for publishing with Hugo, so I’m left with converting each one manually unless I can figure a smarter way.

Earlier this evening, a good friend who is way better at servers and computers and nearly all aspects of everything, helped me figure out why I could not get my publishing flow set up and working (SELinux). With that now in place and working, I’m able to write articles, commit in git, and then run two shell commands to render the site and publish that result and then the site updates more-or-less instantaneously on the web. It’s pretty great and it means that there’s now almost no barrier for me to be able to write without stupid stuff getting in the way. So we’ll see - after taking a break from writing for the last 2 years, I’m sort of wanting to get back into it again. Getting these articles pushed back out should help with that.

Update: The first article is up and as such, the articles section is now live!